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750 million people learn English as a second language.

If you could teach English where would you go?

…. Korea …. …. Thailand ….
…. France …. …. Czech Rep ….
…. Turkey …. …. Indonesia ….
…. Poland …. …. Spain ….


TEFLHOUSE is an established, professional Irish TEFL company offering training courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language on-line and in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork.

You can complete our popular 100 hour on-line course, which will give you the confidence and qualification you need for teaching abroad.
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Partnered with a job placement agency for EFL teacher recruitment, we specialize in placing our qualified TEFL teachers in teaching positions overseas. Tefl work abroad info...

Our courses are ideal for students, graduates, qualified teachers or those searching for a career break. Giving a practical insight into TEFL, they provide you with the qualifications / confidence you need to teach abroad.

Our courses cover the main aspects of EFL and ESL teaching and give practical solutions to planning classes for all age-groups and the use of available resources. They also focus on grammar, speaking, reading, writing, listening skills, classroom management, error correction, evaluation of students and course development.
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Our face to face courses are taught by enthusiastic highly qualified and experienced full-time TEFL teachers, lending their particular expertise to these intensive programmes. As part of our e-course, students have access to on-line TEFL tutors. Tuition...

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- TEFL House specialises in providing Educational Organisations with Teachers/Trainers

- Expertise in facilitating and managing Curriculum Writing/Development

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